Stickman Rush


Swerving traffic has never been so beautiful


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Sickman Rush is an arcade game where players have to try to go as far as they can down a highway full of traffic and other obstacles. And they have to drive a wide variety of vehicles, such as a giant tortoise, a donut car, or a pig car.

The gameplay, like in all the other games from Sketchapp, is very simple. Players only have to slide their finger across the highway to make their vehicle change lanes, and slide it to the right to make the vehicle jump. You have to change lanes in order to swerve around the other vehicles, while jumping allows you to evade the smaller obstacles on the road.

During the games you can also find money, which will allow you to buy new vehicles and get some other special additions later on. The little rays of light that appear on the highway give you a turbo boost, allowing you to speed ahead without worrying about traffic.

Stickman Rush is a very simple and fun arcade game that has outstanding graphics from the Sketchapp brand.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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